Blender lessons at the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia

Well I am currently only uploading the brochure we made for the lessons (about Blender 3D) we are organizing with a friend at the T.E.I of Lamia in Greece

For any questions you may have about the seminars you can contact me at

Facebook Event Page:

(Text in greek)



~ by smathegreek on October 23, 2009.

10 Responses to “Blender lessons at the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia”

  1. Hello i live in greece. Are the seminars in Lamia every Monday ? Do we get a dimploma after the course ? Is such a course going to take place in Athens ? Can anyone attend this course ? or do you have to have a a degree ? thankyou

  2. Yes the seminars take place every Monday. Unfortunately we don’t give diplomas, but there is a possibility of repeating the seminars in Athens this summer, although it is too early to organize it.
    However everyone can attend this course (there is no charge of course !!!)
    Also I don’t have a degree. I am just a student in the informatics department of the T.E.I of Lamia.

  3. Ok i live in southern greece so Lamia would be a bit to much for me. I’m looking forward to the summer seminars…

    Thank you

  4. Can you organise webminars? Για την ελλαδα ρε γαμότο
    Or maybe podcasts? or videos on youtube?

    Thank you

  5. Well after the first lesson, everything we do will be uploaded as video tutorials. I will post here again soon about that content

  6. Hy, I would like to know in what language these courses are read, in greek or in english ?

  7. The courses will be held in Greek

  8. Kalispera ellada.

    Thank you for uploading the seminars on youtube , I will certainly watch with alot of interest.

  9. Video-tutorials have not been uploaded yet, but will be uploaded soon

  10. yeah i know , i meant when they are going to be uploaded. Take your time. I can wait.

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