Simple Java motion detector


For the source code check this post:

Recently I made a small testing program with Java and JMF with basic motion detecting capabilities…
All it does is to move its window according to the position of the user in space…
Although this application is only a test I thought it was quite enjoyable…


~ by smathegreek on September 13, 2010.

15 Responses to “Simple Java motion detector”

  1. Hello, very interesting
    jmf use?
    You can post the project?

    Greetings and congratulations.

  2. have you used JMF(Java Media Framework) or Java motion detection which is based on OpenCV

  3. I have used JMF. I will possibly post the code soon…

  4. Nice 🙂 Stop using windows ffs. You can write Java on GNU/Linux you know (although why would you want to write in Java escapes me)

  5. Hi, I’m working one something very similar for my undergrad project. I was wondering, did you use skin detection for the tracking? and if so how did you get it so smooth. Mine seems very inefficient.

    I know it’s cheeky but I have to ask, would you be willing to send me the source code? I would reference you even if I didn’t take any code from your work. It would just be good to see some more code. there aren’t many resources out there for this stuff.

  6. I’m sorry, but since i’m a total newbie, would you like to share your code for this motion detection >_<
    Thank you before 🙂

  7. can u post the project

  8. For those requesting the source code, I can send it to all of you via email

  9. Kindly post me too

  10. Hi Can You please share the code for the same. Its very interesting concept. Gr8 Work.

  11. can u share the project? thanks

  12. Can you give me the code, or even better the project that I can run on my Netbeans, cause I’m totally need but still newbie.
    thank you

  13. nice work..
    please send me the source code..

  14. your project is very nice. can u send me the code of your project…..

  15. The source code is now available in this post:

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