Interacting with 3D objects using Motion Detection in Java (includes Source Code)

During Christmas I had some more free time than usual, so I decided to experiment with my old Java Motion Detector  from the previous post.

Therefore I created a small JOGL (Java OpenGL wrapper library) application that lets users control the rotation of Earth and Moon using motion detection.

You can check a video here:

Due to relatively high demand in the previous post, this time you can find the source code and download it as a .zip file from here.

The .zip file contains a folder Small Game. This folder is a Netbeans project, so you can open it directly using your Netbeans IDE.

*.java files can be found in the src directory.

Currently I have tested this application only in windows. I guess that for other platforms minor changes in the run settings of the Netbeans project should be made…

The libraries used are JOGL and JMF.

If you have any questions you can contact me by commenting on this post.


~ by smathegreek on January 10, 2012.

One Response to “Interacting with 3D objects using Motion Detection in Java (includes Source Code)”

  1. geia sou re xristara me ta wraia sou!

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