About Me

Well, not much to say here, I am just an ordinary student in the Computer Science department of a Technological Educational Institution in Greece interested in programming and 3d graphics…

When not studying for my school, I enjoy programming with C,C++,VB,python or making 3d images with the open source software called Blender 3d.

In the past I also used to be an editor for the Greek edition of the Linux Format magazine. I was responsible for writing a small series of articles about Blender 3d.

This blog is mainly about showcasing the images or software i am creating and the things that I find worthy of discussion …


One Response to “About Me”

  1. hmmm, eixa afisei ena post prin kairo alla gia kapoio logo den to pires pote apo oti katalaba…. asxoloumai kai ego me 3d programmatismo se c++ / directx9 kai exo kanei arketa bimata. kane me add sto msn i steile mail . elpizo auti ti fora na ftasei to post.

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