Game Project started !!

•March 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Recently I and some friends started creating a game with the game engine we are developing in c++. I am involved with the 3d model design and graphics programming. The whole project is not going to be something rather complicated. It will be a small adventure game that graphically is going to look like games similar to Spyro the dragon. Here are some test renders from the main character (The character is not complete yet). The model is low poly and the format we are going to use to store it is .md2 (quake 2 model format). The character was inspired by the robot from the movie Iron Giant and was made with blender 3d.

Comments and critics welcome !!!


Two new renders…

•March 7, 2009 • 4 Comments

Recently I made two new pictures using blender

Hope you like them

Please post your comments and critics !!

Blender tutorial #1 in Greek Linux Format

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Last wear i’ve been writing a series of tutorials for the greek version of the linux format magazine.

However a long time has passed since then. So the first tutorial is now freely available in the magazine’s website.

If you’re interested you can check it here…

Please remeber to post a comment after you’ve read it

My Blender Creations

•September 16, 2008 • 1 Comment

Here I present you some of the pictures I have created using blender…

Comments are welcome…

Blender terrain creator script

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Well sometime ago I created a small python script for blender which generates terrain models.

Although not the best script in this world you can find it and download it from here…

To make it work you have to load it in blender’s text editor

As regards usage, first you have to select whether you want to create cliffs or mountains and then fill the sliders with the values you want. Then you can either generate the terrain or save your settings as a text file for later use.

**Fixed broken link

Learning resources for blender…

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Well for those of you who may be intersted in Blender 3d, you can find some usefull learning resources in the following websites:

The official site of the application(contains a gallery,downloads,tutorials and other usefull stuff) :

The application’s community forum (the best place to get criticism on you blender art !!!)

The BlenderWiki !!! (self explanatory – has everything you ever wanted to know about the application and all of it’s functions…):

Welcome to my newly created blog !!!

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Welcome to my newly created blog !!!

Here you will be able to find , stuff related to my favourite 3d application (which is blender 3d), images or videos that I have made with it,  software applications that I have programmed and anything else I find worthy of mentioning or discussing…

Thanks for visiting my blog,


p.s Please post comments on how to improve my blog !!